VGroove Appearance Plywood

VGroove Appearance Plywood

bbi V Grooved Plywood provides a classic T&G paneling look but it is a lot faster to install and therefore more cost effective. It can either be painted or left natural with a polyurethane or oiled finish depending on the desired look. This is normally available in 100 mm centers as standard but we can do custom runs for house lots in various widths e.g. 60 mm , 120 mm, 150mm or 200 mm. In larger areas a wider groove width tends to look less “busy” and is in proportion with the size of the room.

V Groove Appearance Plywood BD UT
Sheet SizesThickness
2400 mm x 1200 mm9 and 12 mm
V Groove Appearance Plywood BD H3.1 LOSP
Sheet SizesThickness
2400 mm x 1200 mm9 and 12 mm


  • An economical plywood with attractive faces
  • A popular choice for use in interior linings, soffit linings, ceiling linings
  • Takes knocks well and can be finished with stain, polyurethane, oil or paint
  • Provides a tongue and groove aesthetic without the time cost

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