Kwila Posts + Beams

Kwila FSC® 100% Solid Posts and Beams

bbi is are proud to introduce our new range of Kwila FSC® 100% solid posts and beams to complement our decking range. This can be used for a wide range of applications including hand rails, pergolas, verandas and poolside cabanas. Kiln dried and machined to a smooth finish, it is available in a range of sizes. Kwila is classed as a durable species giving it an above ground exposed service life of approximately 15 – 40 years. For in ground applications, it is recommended posts are be fixed to a steel bracket in concrete for long term durability.

Kwila Balustrade
Sheet Sizes
42 mm x 42 mm
1200 mm
Kwila Beams
Sheet Sizes
90 mm x 42 mm
140 mm x 42 mm
190 mm x 42 mm
Random Lengths 1800 mm – 5700 mm
Kwila Posts
Sheet Sizes
90 mm x 90 mm
140 mm x 140 mm
190 mm x 190 mm
2400 mm, 2700 mm, 3000 mm, 3600 mm*
* 90 mm x 90 mm Only


  • A hardwood with proven durability
  • An excellent timber for outdoors
  • Used for pergolas, verandas, handrails, pool side cabanas, or landscaping.
  • FSC® 100% Certified

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