BraceTek Rigid Air Barrier System


Rigid Air Barrier System

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Our innovative solution to barrier systems sets a new standard for cost effective, sustainable, and efficient building practices. bbi BraceTek is a rigid air barrier system comprising of bbi AraucoPly treated plywood, overlayed with the Tekton Weatherization components.

Tekton Wall Underlay is a breathable, fire retardant & flexible wall underlay that provides an extra layer of protection. SUPER-STICK Building Tape compliments the system with superb adhesion onto Tekton Wall Underlay.

Trade-Seals complete the system, providing a positive seal around all thru’ wall penetrations up to 220mm Ø. The system is suitable in all wind zones up to and including ‘Extra High’ and is UV stable for 60 days. The AraucoPly braced sheets do not need to be taped, only where there are vertical joins in the wrap.


  • Suitable for wind zones up to extra high as defined in NZS3604.
  • Group 3 Fire Rating.
  • Suitable for use as a barrier for unlined walls, such as gable ends. Residential and Commerical applications.
  • Superior water hold out.
  • 50-year durability.
  • Optimal surfactant resistance (will not lose integrity if exposed to soaps, detergents and cleaning chemicals)
  • Water column 8650mm (AATCC 127-1995)
  • Branz appraised # 548 #846 (2013) Forms part of the Tekton Weatherization System BRANZ #621 (2014)
  • Easy Peel and Stick installation with split liner. Can be installed in extremely cold conditions to -6⁰C and very hot conditions.
  • Will not react with sealants & no plasticizer migration. Marshall Innovations recommend checking with sealant manufacturers for suitability.
  • Extremely high puncture resistance & tensile strength. Very thin & no build up & won’t affect cavity battens or window installation.
  • Clean & green tape. Contains no VOC’s, HFCC’s or CFC’s.
  • Sustainably grown Pinus Radiata plywood.
  • Meets Structural Standards AS/NZS 2269 when installed in accordance as per the bracing specification. H3.2 CCA treated in accordance with AS/NZS 1604.3.

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