bbi ValuePly Non-Structural is a budget ply that is manufactured from radiata pine using the same glues as structural plywood but not tested to structural standards. However, it is perfect for most DIY jobs and any application that does not require a structural member.

Value Ply is available both Untreated and H3.2 CCA Treated to cover a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Value Ply is made using top quality radiata pine veneers glued with a Super E0 WBP A Bond glue and has a mix of C and D faces which may have some open face knots or splits. bbi works very hard at providing the best quality faces at a reasonable price, but  can vary depending on availability of quality logs and general supply conditions.

Value Ply is perfect for non-strucural building linings, farm work, shelving, packaging, play houses, dog kennels, hoardings, craft, sand pits, landscaping, toys, temporary weatherproofing, vehicle fit-outs, and non-structural formwork.